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Old Coin Pouch

Old Coin Pouch

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Frankitas is a Malaysian-born brand with contemporary accessories and home decor pieces honoring heritage in textiles and skilled artisans throughout South and Central Asia. Ikat is one of the most eco-friendly, hand-woven fabrics using either organic cotton or silk. The word ikat means to bind or to tie. Today, ikat is used to describe both the ancient hand-loomed technique and the vibrant textiles produced.

Frankitas Ikat Silk Velvet textiles are handmade by artisan weavers in Central Asia and South East Asia. Due to the nature of hand-woven textiles, slight imperfections may be seen. The beauty is in the motifs, patterns and traditional hand-woven textiles.

The Old Coin Pouch by Frankitas can be used as a clutch or a handbag and features a metal strap, which is hidden inside. Featuring the traditional coin purse snap to open, the Frankitas Coin Pouch can easily fit your wallet, phone, keys and some other bits and bobs like make-up.

Material: Handwoven Uzbekistan Silk Ikat.

Size: 25 (W) x 18 (H) cm

  • Due to the nature of our products, not one bag is the same. You may have a slightly different motif as what's shown in the picture as each bag is unique and made exclusive for you.
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