Our Story

Frankitas came about after I had my three children. I wanted to be both, mum and have my brand that resonates very much with my fascination for traditional art. Using traditional textile was something I was very passionate about. They remind me of my Indonesian heritage and taking me back to the 9 years of my childhood in a Javanese village, Indonesia. There is something warm and communal about it, and it was something that I want to emulate in Frankitas.

And that’s how Frankitas was born.

While we take pride in high quality finishing, and attention to detail in our bags (100% made in Malaysia), we also want to share the spirit behind each piece, which is beautifully and meticulously handwoven by men and women mostly in villages of Indonesia, Malaysia, Uzbekistan and Cambodia- some, victims of landmines as well as Polio. We strive to be ethical in our business processes and the partners we work with so that there is a value of fairness as well as a fair distribution of wealth in our supply chain.

Ultimately, we want to build a sustainable community of weavers in Asia and preserve their tradition and heritage.

Currently, our focus is communal collaboration, but primarily focusing on synergies that bring more community-based impact. We are pleased to be working closely with the Fugee School (a school that was created over 10 years ago to provide free high quality education for the refugee children in Kuala Lumpur) and Fugeelah (a lifestyle brand created by the fugee school to financially sustain the school as well as provide livelihood for the children) by assisting them with our time and space as well as management input for them to grow.

This is a big part of our ethos.


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